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Blissful Skin

Geske Sonic Warm & Cool Mask | 9 in 1

Geske Sonic Warm & Cool Mask | 9 in 1

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MicroCurrent Face-Lift Technology

Goodbye to fine lines and uneven skin texture, and hello to fresh, radiant skin! Gentle microcurrent pulses stimulate the muscles beneath the skin, visibly tightening it. This device banishes fine lines and minor imperfections, making them a thing of the past. With five different microcurrent intensities, this device is versatile and perfect for both facial and body use. The toning effect is undeniable!

How To Use:

Meet your new personal skincare expert! Embrace the power of beauty tech and experience skincare like never before with the free GESKE German Beauty Tech App. Explore how-to tutorials, plan and track your skin schedule and set your skin goals to track and achieve them! Available for download in the App Store and on Google Play.

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