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Super Vitamin C 30ml

Super Vitamin C 30ml

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Elevate your routine to new heights with the rejuvenating properties of a multi-faceted Vitamin C fusion!

Featuring seven powerful forms of Vitamin C for collagen and elastin support, along with Ferulic Acid and B complex for vitality and skin repair. Experience a radiant, youthful complexion that’s resilient and glowing!

Best For: All skins - especially age management.

How to Use: Apply daily after cleansing and before your favourite NEUROCOSMEDICS Hydrator.

Key Selling Points:                                                                                Must have for age prevention, management and correction.       Morning breakfast for the skin.                                                      Incorporate with Collagen Booster for top tier age correction.           Layer over Vitamin Infusion Booster for ultimate Vitamin support.

Fragrance: Mandarin.

Key Ingredients:                                                                                SuperC Fusion: This 20% Vitamin C fusion combines seven sources of Vitamin C, including lipophilic and hydrophilic variations, ensuring optimal delivery and complete skin support.                               Featuring Stay C 50™, Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Glyceryl Ascorbate, Kakadu Plum, Davidson Plum, Mandarin, and Orange Oil, this powerful blend supports collagen and elastin production, provides antioxidant defence, anti-inflammatory benefit’s, promotes skin brightening and lightening and reduces acne blemishes making it suitable for all skins.                                          Ferulic Acid : A potent antioxidant, protects skin from UV damage and pollution, preventing premature ageing. It enhances the effects of vitamins C and E, boosting collagen production and cellular repair. High anti-inflammatory properties also soothe irritated and sensitised skins. B Complex: All-in-one B Complex.                                                       Vitamin B5 - Barrier repair and hydration. Vitamin B3 - Immunity, tone and acne support. B6 - Cellular energiser.                                      Vitamin E (Tocopherol): Supports the absorption of Vitamin C. Reduces the effect of UV damage, reduces erythema, inflammation, strengthens skin barrier, supports cellular function and skin healing.


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