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Tension Release Balm 75g

Tension Release Balm 75g

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Designed to melt away stress and release muscle tension, this therapy invigorates the senses and revitalizes the mind.

Formulated with carefully selected ingredients like Magnesium and Camphor, it targets the buildup of lactic acid in muscles, alleviating tightness and promoting effective recovery by enhancing oxygen flow.
The warming and cooling effect provides instant relief, whilst the roller ball massage applicator helps to roll away stress and tension.

Best For: Everyone needing the release of muscle tension and tightness.

Key Ingredients:
Magnesium Chloride: Chosen for its ability to be readily absorbed, works to reduce the buildup of lactic acid in muscles which lead to muscle tension and tightness, allowing muscles to receive the
necessary oxygen for effective recovery.
Camphor Oil: Relieves and cools nerve endings to reduce discomfort, whilst warming the area by increasing circulation.
Vanillyl Butyl Ether: Extracted from Rosemary and Sage, provides a warming effect of the skin which can help promote blood circulation to promote muscle relaxation. The warming effect may also
support the discomfort associated with muscle
Shea Butter and Sunflower Oil: Rich in linoleic and oleic acid to support the skins barrier for softer smooth skin.
Vitamin E: A powerful antioxidant which supports skin healing, moisturisation and would healing.

How to Use:
Squeeze the tube to release the balm, then firmly glide the rollerball back and forth over tension areas and muscle stiffness. Massage until the balm is fully
absorbed. Use 2-3 times a day.
NOTE: Magnesium Chloride may cause mild tingling on the
skin with initial application where magnesium levels may be
low. Not to be used on broken or irritated skin.

Key Selling Points
•Apply to the chest and pulse points in the
morning to keep stress levels down.
•Rub into the tops of your feet and backs of the
legs before bed to ease tension.
•The best place to absorb magnesium into
your body is under the arms, straight into the
lymphatic system.
•Apply to the abdomen to support menstrual
cramps and discomfort.
Fragrance: None.

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