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Blissful Skin

Two To Renew

Two To Renew

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Pure, potent, proven and intelligent ingestible beauty,
OPTY.NC is creating
a new ingestible wellness standard
with optimised, multi-benefit formulations that nourish
and visibly improve skin, gut, hair, and nails from the
inside out.
In this powerful Renew duo, Collagen Renew and
Cellular Renew support the digestive, immune and
nervous systems to replenish, hydrate and stimulate
collagen and elastin for radiant skin from the inside-out!

Purchase Collagen Renew and receive Cellular Renew 50% OFF.
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Promo RRP: $127.50
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Collagen Renew: Total dermal support with marine
collagen benefits, reimagined with gut health support,
specially formulated for preventing and correcting signs
of skin ageing. A complete skin support complex essential
to firmer, plumper, and smoother skin, with added gut
health nutrients working synergistically with collagen.

• Increase and stimulate collagen production

• Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

• Enhance skin elasticity, tone, and hydration

• Support healthy gut microbiome

Cellular Renew: Optimal skin and body nourishment to
restore depleted bodies to their healthiest state with a comprehensive wholefood blend that rejuvenates skin, gut, hair, and nails from the inside out.

This supercharged multi is formulated with a potent blend
of vital nutrients, bio-available vitamins, and minerals
to address the essential building blocks to inner/outer
health from the cellular level.

• Rejuvenates dermal and cellular functions

• Supports digestive, immune, and nervous systems

• Restores the gut microbiome baseline

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