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Ultimate 3.0 Marine 500g (Over 50's)

Ultimate 3.0 Marine 500g (Over 50's)

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Healthy ageing support and physical vitality restoration for ages 50+, living an active-at-any-age lifestyle.

Combining 12 powerful science-backed ingredients in proven active dosages, expertly formulated, and tailored to optimise skin + gut + inner wellbeing.

One daily serve of this 10,000 mg marine collagen peptide all-in-one elixir helps to:
+ Renew skin and hair vitality
+ Promote joint, bone, and muscle health
+ Support healthy hormones and cognition

Strawberry flavour powdered elixir   |  500 g  |  28 days supply

What Is It? 

The equivalent of four powerful health products with a multitude of benefits in one great-tasting daily dose.

Combining pre and post biotics, 10,000mg marine collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, MSM and essential skin and hair-enhancing antioxidants and nutrients, in clinically trialed dosages and proprietary formulations.

What Will It Do ?

Benefits you can see and feel, your daily dose of wellness proven to:

1. Support optimal digestive and bowel function, protein absorption, and microbiome balance to support healthy ageing

2. Restore, protect and hydrate skin. Promote collagen renewal to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and boost elasticity, tone and texture.  

3. Support cellular health to reduce hair fall, boost hair growth and strength;  support hormone regulation, collagen production in joints and muscle health.

4. Balance and promote healthy nervous system, cognition, and energy production

Who It Benefits ?

Expertly designed to meet the wellness-specific concerns of 50+ year old’s. Ultimate 3.0 Marine benefits those looking to support hormonal health, and promote healthy ageing in skin, hair and joints.

Ultimate 3.0 Marine encompasses all of your skin, hair and nail essentials with added benefits to support hair growth and thickness, joint health, and restore gut and skin health for supported healthy ageing.

How It Works ?

The complexity of skin and the intricate interplay between it and the rest of the body requires potent blends of synergistic science backed ingredients to deliver effective long-term results.

This multi-benefit formulation begins with the foundation of vibrant, healthy skin – the gut.  It doesn’t stop there – the synergistic formula targets four key contributing factors to vibrant skin and overall wellness:

1. Gut & Immune Health

2. Skin Health & Protection

3. Cellular, Metabolic & Hormonal Health

4. Nervous System, Mood & Cognitive Health

Key Ingredients:

GutRestore OptyBiotics (pre and post biotics) promote healthy microbiome, Improve digestion and gut function, Enhance nutrient absorption

CollagenRenew OptyBlend (10,000 mg marine collagen, MSM and hyaluronic acid) is skin plumping, smoothes fine lines, improves skin elasticity, tone and texture, and boosts skin hydration and skin barrier, boost hair and nail strength and growth  

SkinRegen OptyBlend (Pomegranate extract and silver ear mushroom) Increases hair growth, thickness and density, combat oxidative stress and protect cell from free radical damage, support skins immune defences 

SkinFood50+ OptyBlend (Saccharomyces cerevisiae, brown rice silica, sea buckthorn, Vitamin C & K) support immune system health, increase energy and stress resistance, support cognition and nervous system health, support hormone regulation and metabolism, support liver function and detoxification


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